About us

Virtual Outdoors Finland is an RDI project that aims to develop digital expertise in the travel industry and services in Finland and create interesting digital and virtual experiences that will attract more tourists to Finland.

The project is nationwide and the project time is 1.3.2016-28.2.2019.

Goals for the project:
– Develop digital expertise in the travel industry and services in Finland
– Increase the amount of travelers in Finnish nature sites in a long term
– Create a concept which combines the features of nature into a digital experience both online and offline.
– Decrease the barriers of traveling

Tourism has gone more and more online and digital experiences (such as VR Glasses, GoPro’s, Internet of Things) have become a part of everyday actions. The intention here is to combine nature, digitization and virtuality for a seamless experience. At the same time travelers can explore Finnish nature in advance and reduce the barriers of traveling.

With this website we will do quick trials, track our success and failures, correct the course and improve ourselves constantly. At the end of this project the experience will be scaled to the national level for implementation. The project is financed by Rural Programme and we are collaborating with Rural Finland and Outdoors Finland –projects.


This project is operated by:

Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Project Manager Essi Prykäri

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Project Manager Ari Alamäki

Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Project Manager Timo Rui

University of Eastern Finland / Centre for Tourism Studies
Project Manager Katja Pasanen



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